Facebook smileys are small smiley faces that people can insert into their Facebook chat conversations to add some cool to them! They’re a new culture, but have become the ‘norm’ for anyone who uses Facebook chat on the biggest website in the world.

Facebook smileys

Facebook smileys

Facebook smileys

Why are Facebook chat smilies not shown?

This is a puzzler that has definitely long puzzled people who enjoy using social networking websites. Why, if there are cool features such as emoticons available, would Facebook not tell people how to use them? The real solution is clear – if you tell users how to paste them you fill up the user interface and make it messy and more hard to read. You also would face a more clogged and less easy to read site – something that FB above all has been trying to get rid of with their site. It totally sets them apart, and makes them special. In fact, it’s a quite realistic take on creating a website.

Tell me which different different Smileys for Facebook are possible?

There are a crazy number of emotions available for people to incorporate, but unfortunately users can’t incorporate them in your Facebook status message or on the walls of other Facebook users. Now, the sole way to see these Smilies for Facebook is to use Facebook’s chat function (which you can locate in the bottom right of your screen, in the new ‘Facebook bar’ that can be seen when you log in to FB).

This here is only a small introduction to smileys, in the future I will tell you a bit more on the subject of the ones that are possible and what to do in order to use them in your chat box!

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I’ve been using Google’s Chrome browser for about a year now, and it’s really much better than Firefox or Internet Explorer. There’s no point me listing exactly why it is better, but actually I will:


Startup speed
It’s so much faster than Firefox and IE when loading, it saves a load of time when I’m on my netbook (which is whenever I’m travelling on business). It can start in about three seconds, whereas Firefox (with its plugins checks) can take up to 25 seconds!

Browsing speed
Forget just the beginning – while you’re browsing the net it just seems that Chrome is faster, it opens pages faster, opens tabs faster, you can drag your tabs around with no problem and danger of crashing your whole window.

Instanced pages
Every tab you open on Chrome starts its own thread in the Windows task manager. This might sound like it’s not important, but it is because it means if somethin goes wrong on that page it won’t affect the whole of your browser if you close it (like on IE).

Google Chrome Extensions

One of the big reasons for the huge speed advantage that Chrome has over its rivals is it doesn’t yet have any plugins that people can write for it and you can download for it. This is set to change in the coming months, however, as Google have just announced that they are accepting submissions from developers using its Beta version to their official gallery. I really hope that the use of these Chrome extensions will not make the browser slower like FF and IE, but we will see. Whenever they release a chat emoticons extension, I’ll let you know too!

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Recently I’ve been doing a bit of research into MSN symbols, and I think they’re the coolest things ever! One of the problems with MSN nowadays is that people use all sorts of different broswers and clients to access their list (like the new Windows Live Messenger can’t be used on some smart phones or on some older computers), and so they can’t see all of the emoticons and smileys which I send to them.

msn symbols

MSN symbols

What’s the answer? Well some symbols ahve been available to MSN for a long time but nobody has been using them – until now! I have foudn a website that has big lists of MSN symbols which you can use in your chats and in your statuses and everyone (nearly) can see them – even sometimes people on handheld devices and mobiel phones! It’s pretty sweet.

There are all sorts of symbol, including musical notes symbols (the oens which tell people that you’re listening to music), some emoticon smiley face symbols (so I can send them to people without worrying if they’ve downloaded the latest emotes or not) as well as loads of strange ones. I foudn a butterfly symbol which I have used in my MSN status too, and also (strangely) the chess pieces are all as normal characters that you can type in and use! If you’ve found any special characters that you like, why not share them with me in the comments?

No more waiting around for slow download, just head over to MSN symbols and copy and paste them now! It’s free and very cool!

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So I was surfing the web the other day, looking for a witty Facebook status and I finally found one. The reason was I had been online all day and was totally exhausted, and so I logged on to use some Facebook chat but it seemed like nobody was online! So I started cruising some old Facebook status updates from my friends but unfortunately none of them had anything interesting or funny to say except that one guy was eating pizza. Anyway….

I found a Witty Facebook status!

Example: Vacancy:Telepath: – you know where to apply.

It seems like every tv show these days has someone in it who can read minds, thoughts, bend spoons or generally know what you are thinking. That means that your amusing Facebook status should try to reflect this trend, so why not start with this really funny one-liner? Some people could use a bit more telepathy in their life – I remember a friend of mine was trying to get a new job and wanted to call a business to arrange an interview, but she in fact called her current boss’s mobile phone by mistake! What is the opposite of being able to read someone’s mind?

it’s so brilliant, right?! Well anyway I had it as my Facebook status for about twenty five minutes and then suddenly seven people pressed the ‘like’ button! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had to go back and check, but they were all commenting on my witty Facebook status! I was so happy, I could have cried.

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When I woke up this morning I saw on my friend’s website that there was a new penguin smiley released for Facebook chat! Isn’t that cool? I have been using Facebook chat for some months now (maybe six months) to talk to my friends around the world, and we often have wars using the little smileys – who can put the cutest smiley, who can put the most funny smiley story in a row etc – well now the Facebook chat penguin smiley will be my weapon to destroy them!

facebook chat penguin smiley

It seems like the penguin smiley is the first one that Facebook have revealed which has some relevance towards a movie or film that is not in the 80s. I still think that the Facebook shark emoticon was actually related to the movie Jaws from the 1980s, so what could the Facebook penguin smilie be related to? You guessed it. It’s a Happy Feet emotion! Well I love the movie Happy Feet and the little penguins who are in it, so I will use this one in my chats from now on.

In the future I’m excited about which style of emoticons Facebook will choose to add to their growing list of emoticons, but it seems that they really take their time and develop them before releasing. I think that makes the smileys on Facebook just a tiny bit more special, which is a really good thing overall for the company.

Anyway, I’m going back to bed – if you need more information on the the emoticon, click here -> Penguin smiley Facebook chat!

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There’s something about Facebook emoticons that I really love, and when I found the full list of them I nearly cried with happiness! On djod.co.uk’s website there is a long list of all of the possible Facebook emoticon combinations. They include the devil emoticon, the angel smiley, a robot, someone wearing shades and much much more.

One Facebook emoticon that is a real classic, however, and the one that is my favourite is definitely the love heart. You can not get a symbol that is more classical and heart warming than the faithful red heart. Sometimes when I’m using Facebook chat I’ll also use the kiss emoticon to tell my girlfriend or her sister that I love them, but mostly I stick to keeping in touch with workmates or other colleagues online.

I used to wear glasses myself, so I am also quite touched by the fact that there is an emoticon with a man wearing glasses! And not just shades, I mean real glasses! So cool. I hope they will release some new Facebook emoticons soon so that i can add them to my collection!



Acabo de encontrar un sitio libre de los emoticones español en el Internet! Es muy fresco – tiene emoticonos para MSN que usted puede descargar (gratis) y luego utilizar en su programa de chat. También cuenta con caras sonrientes y las emociones que se pueden utilizar para otros programas de chat (si se puede subir por sí mismo).

Los emoticonos son todos de alta calidad y son diferentes temas. Uno de ellos es un hombre con bigote, otro es alguien llorando, es una de una persona escuchando un reproductor de MP3 (caritas que es perfecto para cuando quieres decirle a alguien que está ocupado) y no hay otro, pero se me olvida lo que era.

De todos modos ver el nuevo sitio web emoticones gratis ahora!

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I don’t know what it is about Yahoo messenger emoticons, but a lot of people recently have been talking about the hidden or secret smileys that are included in their package. It’s true that the hidden smileys are not hard to find, but often people can’t be bothered to look for them (by trying out all of the different combinations of keypresses etc).

Well, someone has finally done it! I’ve never seen such a large list of Yahoo messenger emoticons (that is probably why Yahoo didn’t include them in the original chat program, because the emotes list is so long!). Anyway, the hidden emoticons are pretty impressive – for example:

Yahoo messenger emoticons

Alien emoticon – there are actually two alien emoticons included in the Yahoo secret emoticons list. One of them takes over another guy’s body (it’s a bit weird, you have to look at it to understand) and there’s also a green blob.

Animals – there are Yahoo monkey emoticons, cow emoticons, even a chicken! Great for budding farmers everywhere…

Cool emotions – there are some great emotion emoticons like one where the guy is wagging his finger and one where he’s putting his fingers in his ears. Pretty funny if you ask me.

So here’s the link, enjoy the Yahoo messenger emoticons!

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I am so absolutely still in love with the Facebook shark emoticon! I was looking at it the other day when I was talking to my ex-girlfriend whose nickname was, ironically, ‘the shark’! The reason why we called her the shark? Because the first time she ever kissed me she bit my lip, and it started to bleed…

I guess it’s better than people calling her jaws! Maybe a better name for the new Facebook shark emoticon should be the Jaws emoticon? Maybe…

Anyway, I wonder what other new emoticons will be out soon? Maybe a ghost? Or some sort of special Christmas emoticons! I would love some holiday emoticons which I would be able to send to my family and friends…Please Facebook!

Ok I’m going to watch some TV (and maybe talk to my new friends on Facebook chat), so here we go again. Talk to you later (I’m going to see my Facebook shark emoticon)!

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I was so excited today when I found out there was a new Facebook shark emoticon! I don’t know if you have been following the developments with Facebook chat smileys, but they didn’t really supply any documentation with the Facebook chat software, so whenever they release a new Facebook emoticon it’s usually found by trial and error!

Facebook shark emoticon

So I was playing around with my keyboard trying to make some special faces on Facebook chat (I really like cute eyes like ^^ ) and I did one too many and found the shark smiley! Pretty cool huh? My girlfriend (I was chatting with her at the time) was really impressed with it. She said it reminded her of the Jaws emoticon for Facebook (I explained to her that it must be the shark emoticon for MSN and not Facebook, but she just laughed).

Anyway I’m going to play with the new Facebook shark emoticon now!